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Al Pollard

Al Pollard

You might be curious about my background and why in the world would you want to trust my advice in what is arguably, one of the most important times in your life… you Jobcerch.  No, I did not graduate at the top of my class with some Latin term.  And no, I have not spent countless hours taking certification classes to put letters after my name.  What I have done is learn A LOT through over two decades of hard work in HR / Recruiting, looking at tens of thousands of resumes, conducting thousands of interviews and periodically being on your side of desk, looking for work:

I graduated with a BA in Social Science (my fourth major) from UNC Wilmington (an awesome school!)  After graduation I thought “I will find a job, I have a college degree!”  and I did… as a part time car washer at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and busing tables at Elijah’s restaurant.  This was an eye-opening experience.  Little did I know that three months later Enterprise would offer me a full time position in their Management Trainee program (they are the largest recruiter of recent college graduates) that would lead to more money than I ever thought I would make and a great career in HR / Recruiting / Talent Acquisition.

I have been in the HR / Recruiting / Talent Acquisition fields for over 20 years.  In that time I have looked at hundreds of thousands of resumes and interviewed tens of thousands of people.   I also stay up to date on the latest recruiting trends, specifically for the entry level to mid career job hunter.

What I am not… I am not an executive search person or an IT / technical career search person.

Can you learn all I know and do it all yourself?  Sure thing, but time is money, which is why I only charge for the concierge service of one on one jobcerch coaching.  I do not charge for the resources from this website.  My goal is to keep this site and my blog free of ads.  If you are like me you despise how we are inundated with ads and your jobcerch is frustrating enough without having The Man trying to sell you something.

I envision this to be an Open-Sourced Job Search Site.  I am not going to patent a new thingymabob or copyright material.  I do ask that if you use anything that you found here, just be a good person and reference the source.  You may notice that some of the content seems to be missing… I am working on that but seeing as I have a full time job and enjoy taking an active role in our family it is taking longer than I expected. 🙂

Have a great day and don’t forget to be awesome!


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