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First things first

There is no ONE right way to do a resume but there are several WRONG ways. Putting a resume together can be maddening with all the contradictory advice you get.

Formatting issues are one of the biggest problems I see with resumes with spelling errors being a close second.  You have probably found one of the many templates that are available online or you have used one from a word processor. If you use a template be sure you also save a .pdf and .txt version of your resume for uploading into online applicant tracking systems.

What format should you use and what do you put in those fields?  Most people go with the traditional Reverse Chronological Resume but the choice is yours.  Let’s look at the basics…

Parts of the Resume


Reverse Chronological

Start with the now.

Download (PDF, 369KB)


Make it pretty. 

Download (PDF, 82KB)


Group your knowledge, skills and abilities.

Download (PDF, 313KB)


Now you’re doing it right!

Download (PDF, 311KB)

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