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Jobcerch can give you a renewed outlook and assist you with your cerch.

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First things first

You do have a resume, right? If not, get to it and read this after you finish your resume. No, I am not joking.

Now that you have your resume you can get started. Below is a checklist you can use to get started.


Pick a resume format that works best for you.

Go to Resumes

Making a List

Make a list of positions, industries and professions that I would be interested in.

See List

Do a Quick Search

Do a quick search for those positions to identify target companies.

See How

Job Boards

Set up searches on a few job boards.  Click the link to see the top boards available.



Make a list of people you currently have in your network to reach out to.


Create Your Pitch

Create your “pitch” or your elevator speech

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Track Your Plan

Start working your networking plan and track it.

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Social Media

Create or edit your social networking sites.

Get Social

Interviewing Skills

Start working on your interview skills.

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Keeping Track of Applications

Keep track of all positions you apply for.

See List


Re-cap weekly and re-focus.

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Remember to Have Fun

Looking for a job can be a very daunting task.  It is very easy to get burned out.  Do at least one fun thing a day.

Social Media Strategies

Social Media is vast, I mean REALLY vast. Sure, you could spread out across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, WhatsApp, Periscope and many more. But I think you should focus on the first three for professional networking: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Psst… if you don’t know about it yet, you can use Buffer to post to all three for free.


LinkedIn is probably the easiest to start with. You want to create a good professional profile but that is just the beginning. Remember, this is not a dating site!

Learn more about LinkedIn


Twitter is a great place to find and exchange information. You can use the hashtag (#) to learn about or track subjects. You can also use this to help people (recruiters) find your posts.

Learn more about using Twitter.


You need to make your profile private or be sure you have cleaned up anything that could be controversial. More and more recruiters are using Facebook these days.

Learn more about using Facebook.

We give you the tools to be successful.

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Job Boards

Searching the Job Boards

If you want to get serious about the job search then you need to be deliberate. One of the things to add in the mix is job boards.  The first thing you need to search the boards or set up a search agent on the boards to search for you daily.  That is crucial to keeping up with what’s coming and going in the jobcerch world.  Read this blog post before you get started.  It will help you to better understand the strategy needed to navigate the boards.

Once you’ve read my thoughts on how to get started, check out the job boards site listed below to get started on your cerch for the awesome new job of your dreams.

Career Builder
Glass Door
Zip Recruiter
Simply Hired
College Recruiter
Flex Jobs
Linked In
USA jobs

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