So, you want to be a Vice President?

This is a short one but I have been looking at a lot of resumes lately.  No worries, it's my job to do that but it always surprises me when people apply for a position that they are not even closely ready for.  Yes, I know that I should not end a sentence in a...

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What do you do to improve?

You’re skills are not static.  Just like a blade that is used every day, if you do not take time to sharpen it, it dulls.  You may not notice it today, tomorrow or next week but one day you will try to cut something and it won’t work.

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What a year it has been…

I was amazed to see that the last post I made was from August, of 2016!  A lot has happened in the last 14 months that diverted my attention: Co-worker was head-hunted away Boss resigned New boss was hired! Co-worker was rehired! But alas... I have missed the blogging...

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Are you committed to your job search or just interested in it?

In a recent Spartan Up podcast Joe Desena quotes Ken Blanchard saying: There are people that are committed and there are people who are interested The difference is that the people who are interested do it when it is fun and people who are committed do it all the...

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Get comfortable being uncomfortable in your job search

Most of us take the path of least resistance in our job search.  Unfortunately, that is usually the longest path and it may have the greatest cost.  Taking the most direct path to any goal is usually the most difficult and the most uncomfortable.  But taking the easy...

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Sometimes follow your passion is crappy advice

I just read another article talking about how important it is to love what you do.  Follow your passion it says.  I am not saying that getting paid for doing what you love is not awesome, it is.  But guess what, most people do not have that luxury and telling people...

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