Continuous improvement is BIG to any company these days!  If you are not improving, then what?  You’re skills are not static.  Just like a blade that is used every day, if you do not take time to sharpen it, it dulls.  You may not notice it today, tomorrow or next week but one day you will try to cut something and it won’t work.  Your job-related skills are the same.  I am not saying that everyone needs to read all the new books, blog about and listen to podcasts about their chosen profession but you gotta do something!

Many times we ask candidates something like “tell us an area you have been weak in, professionally, and what have you done to improve?”  The answers we get?

  • I have worked on it.  Woah!  don’t kill me with details 🙂
  • I read stuff about it.  Stuff? What stuff? Who’s stuff?
  • I belong to groups.  What groups? Does the group name end with anonymous?
  • I have a coach/mentor who helps me.  Helps how and with what?

Sorry for the sarcasm but we want details.  If you read then what books/publications?  Tell me the most recent thing you learned that helps you in your current or last job.  So many people tell me that they “can” do the job.  Well guess what… that job will be different in 6 months or a year.  Can you adapt, learn and change?    It is more important to many companies, hiring managers and recruiters that you want to and can learn new skills than just the skills you have today.  I get it, constant improvement is a pain.  Why isn’t good good enough?  But ask yourself… isn’t getting better at something more fun?  I think so.

Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.
Kim Collins