3 career skills everyone needs to be successful

In an episode of Question Of the Day James Altucher talks about the three money skills everyone needs to have; getting money, keeping money, and growing money.  It hit me, the same is true in our career.  There are three basic skills that you must have if you want to...

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You don’t have to be perfect in you job search

Perfect is the enemy of good I have heard this periodically throughout my life but unfortunately it is not usually taught by parents or schools but rather by life.  Some things in life you want to do perfectly but most times good is good enough. Take your resume for...

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Checking references in your job search

What will your references say about you? Some companies still ask for references as a part of the interview process.  Think this is antiquated?  Think again.  A good reference can seal the deal with an employer or derail an impending job offer. I just saw an ad for...

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Tell me about yourself

Tell me about yourself (or some other variation) is probably THE most common interview question but many people say it is one of the most difficult to answer. Why should I hire you? I recently read an article about rude recruiters.  The author went on to say that...

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Should you answer an illegal interview question?

If you have been on many interviews I bet you have encountered at least one illegal interview question.  There are three main ways to handle them and the choice is up to you. That is an illegal question and I don't have to answer it While the above statement may be...

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