How much money are you worth?

I recently read an article that stated job seekers hate being asked what they made in their last or current job.  It went on to say that the question is "not relevant to the job interview and it’s impolite."  The writer further throws fuel on the fire by saying "it is...

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Don’t let your job search become a fantasy

The podcast Hidden Brain had a very interesting episode called WOOP, There It Is.  It seems there is a fine line between positive thinking and positive fantasies.  Positive fantasies come out of having goals (wishes), which are good to have, but they can seduce us...

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Science may help build a better resume

Most people will tell you to leave the personal stuff off you resume; marital status, how many kids you have, religious affiliations, etc...  But it seems there may be instances when you should give a company a peek behind the personal curtain. No, I do not regularly...

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Being told no is feedback you can use

Once again Question of the Day has provided a great perspective that you can use in life and more specifically, your job search.  Unfortunately, we usually take criticism personally.  There are many reasons that we take it personally: We are too close to the event -...

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Maybe you are asking the wrong question

A lot of people ask "Where can I find a (insert position) job.  It hit me the other day while listening to Question of the Day.  Maybe the job search is so tough for some people because they are asking the wrong question. You may have the correct answer, but you asked...

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