2 attributes you must have in your job search

First, I fully admit that I have a lot of skin in this game.  I am not only a corporate recruiter, I am also an employee and soon to be co-worker.  I want us to hire people I want to work with.  Who do I want to work with?  The people I like working with the most have...

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There is no ONE right way to interview

Sorry to burst your bubble but everyone looks for something different.  I know this makes the job search infuriating but do you want the truth or do you want a nice story full of lies.  The truth is that there is no one short, easy way to get every job. What do...

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What is on your NOT to do list?

Tim Ferriss @tferriss brought up a great point in his podcast... Why is it, that all this professional development stuff adds to our to-do list but rarely takes things away?  We need to start a NOT to do list! Time-Sucks Start by listing out all the things you do......

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Want to improve your job search? Listen to a Monk.

Joe Desena on the Spartan Up Podcast @SpartanUpPod interviewed a Monk, Dandapani @DandapaniLLC.  He had some great tips on how to achieve your goals. Happiness is not a goal Dandapani talks about how you must know where you going or you won't get there.  He says that...

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Job search advice from Shaun White

OK, first I need to make a confession,  @shaunwhite did NOT actually give any job search advice on the @tferriss podcast but he DID talk about what has made him successful and guess what?  It CAN work for you too! Visualize it Just like how Shaun visualizes every part...

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There is more than one way to stand out in your job search

Many times around the office talk turns to what one candidate or another has done to stand out of the crowd.  Sometimes good, sometimes not.  Both are memorable but only one gets a call back. It depends The way you SHOULD stand out really depends on a lot of factors:...

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