Education on your resume

resumeEveryone should know that it is a really bad idea to lie on your resume.  Even if you had enough credits to graduate, if you don’t have the degree, you don’t have it.

The mistake that I see more people making is putting too much or unrelated education on their resume.  I have made this point before.  You really do need to change your resume some for each position you apply for.  I know that is tough but suck it up buttercup.  But then again, this is your job we are talking about, not mine.

Let’s say you are applying for a sales position.  If you are pursuing your master’s in child psychology I would leave it off your resume.  Why?  Because it tells a company that you just want a job till you get your degree.  Ever heard of overqualified?  People don’t get hired because of it all the time, even if it is impossible to be overqualified.  That is like having too much fun or someone being too good-looking, it don’t happen.

Most employers want people who will work there for longer than 18-24 months.  Many companies invest a lot of time an resources into their people.  Some positions I have recruited for in the past don’t actually break even till 18 months on the job.  Yep, they actually cost the company more money than they bring in for a year and a half.

Just remember… on your resume always think about recency and relevancy.


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