If you are not part of the problem, then you can’t fix it

Many people blame others for a lot of things.  I am not saying that bad crap does not happen to good people.  But you do need to look at trends.  As a friend says “what is the common denominator?”  If ALL of your bosses have been bad maybe it is not your bosses.  Rarely do good employees have several bad bosses in a row.  It is usually the employee that is late to work, does not follow the dress code, leaves early, or is not a team player that has all the bad bosses.  Funny how that works… some bosses seem to have all the bad employees.

Many time we blame others.  The problem with that is, you cannot change other people but you can change yourself.  So if you are not part of the problem then you cannot fix it.  So do you want to fix your problems or not?

I am not saying it is all your fault but you need to take some ownership.  Rarely does a relationship fail solely because of one person.  It usually takes two to screw things up.

So, let’s look at work.  If your job is bad or your boss is bad do you have some ownership in the issues?  If your boss is always a jerk when you are late then don’t be late.  If HR always talk to you about the dress code when you wear shorts then don’t wear shorts.  Yes, you have rights.  You can wear and say whatever you want but they can also fire you.  Your call.  Want to make work better?  Your move.

The Man

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
Jim Rohn