nametagI see a lot of resumes and they all have a name on them but not necessarily the right name.  This may seem like a simple thing but you want to avoid any confusion in your job search.  If you name is John but your nickname is Jack (I still don’t get that) then put Jack on your resume.  If you put John then when a recruiter does call and your voicemail says Jack they may not leave a message because they think it is a wrong number.  Or better yet… when I ask for John I get hung up on or you say “WHO IS THIS?” thinking I am a telemarketer.  Not a good start.

All that being said you want to keep it professional.  If your nickname is Dog or The Dog DO NOT put that on your resume.  You may be laughing but I see it all the time.


It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.

W. C. Fields