It’s never too late in the interview process

to get turned down.  Yes, sorry about that.  I know you just gave up several days off and told a dozen lies to make it to the final interview but it’s a no-go flight.  Think of it this way.  What should you do if you date someone for a while.  Things keep going well and you ask them to marry you.  Then all of a sudden you are walking down the aisle and you realize THIS IS ALL WRONG!  If you are the other person watching them walk to you wouldn’t you want to know.  Of course it would have been easier after the first few dates but late is better than never.

The same holds true in the interview process.  I have had candidates tell me “if you do not know if I am a good match by now, the odds are that I am not.”  Fair ’nuff.  But be sure if you draw a line in the sand that you are ready for the other party to walk away, because I will.  Our interview process is 2-4 weeks.  We do not do one of these multi-month 6-10 interview marathons.  We just want to be sure that we are the right match for each other.

If you want to “try it out” then go find a company that does spaghetti hiring… They hire everyone and see who sticks.  Not for us.  We play it a little safer.  Do we make mistakes?  Absolutely!  But we try to do the best we can.

The Man

Be the type of person that when your feet touch the floor in the morning the Devil says “Aww shit… they’re up.”
Dwayne Johnson