The break up call

We have all gotten it, the break up call.  When it comes from a recruiter it is more likely a Dear John letter/email.  My rule of thumb is that if you make it to the final round of interviews I call.  I try to call if you make it to the Manager but that does not always happen.  Those calls suck to get and they suck to make.

When you receive the email or call many people’s first reaction is to lash out.  DO NOT succumb to this.  No good can come from lashing out at the person or the company but many people do through direct contact or social media.  When I see someone go nuclear negative after being turned down my first thought usually is “thank you for confirming our decision.”

I have helped lots of people that we have turned down.  Just the other day I told a candidate about some issues with their resume.   I have referred others to other recruiters or other companies that they may be a better match for.  But if you burn me, no bueno for you.

I would definitely follow-up with the recruiter after you calm down.  Ask for feedback and see if there are any other positions at their company or if they can suggest other place to find similar positions.  Most recruiters do feel bad for the majority of people they turn down.  Handle it right and you might just add them to your network.


Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.
Donald Trump