There is one major difference between dating and the interview process… companies usually keep recruiting and interviewing candidates until there is a butt in the seat.  I know this may seem a little dirty but I have been hosed plenty of times when candidates get buyer’s remorse after accepting the position.  I have also had to resend job offers or fire someone in their first week.

If you handled dating a marriage this way it would not work out very well.  Can you imagine seeing your fiance on a date and when you ask them what is going on they say “I am just building a bench.”  That is what we call it when recruiters have people they stay in touch with in case something comes open.  I know this sounds bad but I also expect employees to network and stay in touch with people at other companies in case they need to start looking for a job.

What this means for you as the candidate is that sometimes you have gone through all the interviews but we do not make an offer.  Also, sometimes we want to make an offer but The Man won’t let us because the company’s EBITDA is not high enough and your $50,000.00 salary goes straight to the bottom like if we don’t hire you.

Keep your chin up… if we like you, we like you.  So, you should probably keep interviewing till your butt is in the seat and never stop networking.

The Man

People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.
Zig Ziglar