Media1I feel that you can learn a lot about people by finding out what they listen to and read. The other night at a company dinner I overheard our CEO mention he listens to podcasts during his morning workout. I asked him what his favorite podcasts are. I have now added Spartan Up! and The Unconventionals to my list of podcasts.

What we take in affects what we do, how we view things and how we view ourselves.  How others view you starts with how you view yourself.  I don’t mean that people love someone who is a narcissist but if you do not believe in yourself , why should others?  This is especially true in the interview process.  An interviewer is not going to tell you how great you are.

Think of the media we consume as brain and soul food. Many of us are concerned with what goes in our mouths but why do we take the same care with the media we devour each day? We must become intentional with what we feed our minds. If you don’t pay attention to what you fuel your mind with it will be bound up by the garbage we have fed it.  Just like if you eat junk food then need to run a race, no bueno.

Take a minute and list out all the stuff you read or listen to on a daily basis.  Then next to it put a plus if it helps you, gives you productive ideas and is uplifting or positive.  Put a negative sign if it gets you down or makes you doubt yourself.  Make an effort to do more of the pluses and less of the negatives, you’ll thank me for it.


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.