Never!  You should always update your resume.

As a recruiter I find it frustrating when I call someone that has applied for an opening only to find out that their resume is not updated.  I could understand if I am cold calling them out of the blue or off some old resume I found online but they contacted me!  They took the time to upload or paste their resume but they did not take the time to update it.  They are either currently at a job that is not on their resume or they already left that job.

First, I get it… No really, I do.  Everyone says it is easier to find a job when you are still working and it is.  If a recruiter sees that you are out of work they oftentimes wonder why so you just “forget” to update your resume.

I am a forgiving person so if someone sounds like they may be a good match I am willing to allow them one pass.  So I ask them to update their resume and to bring an updated one to the face to face interviews.  Guess what?  They usually don’t, they just bring the old out of date one!

You so idiot!

At this point you will not pass go no matter how great I think you could be in the position.  Want to know why?  Because you cannot follow directions.  I mean, this is the one that matters most, right?  Looking for a job is bigger than making a deal, bigger than making a sale, it is bigger than filling out that form correctly for the government that could lose us $1m in sales.  So if you won’t take the interview process seriously then why in blue blazes would I let you near my business?

I know you think this is petty but you will until someone at your job affects your paycheck because they forgot to do that thing that you keep telling them to do.


It’s the details that are vital.  Little things make big things happen.
John Wooden